(RIA Novosty) Ukraine's deputy foreign minister Thursday accused Russia of not wanting a swift and efficient resolution to a dispute over its naval base in Ukraine.

Russia's Black Sea Fleet currently uses a range of naval facilities in the Crimea under a 1997 agreement that allowed Russia to continue its presence in its neighboring former Soviet republic for rent of $93 million per year.

"Unfortunately, from the time of the first meeting of the subcommittee in Kiev, we have still not moved forward in discussing the issues," Volodymyr Ogryzko said.

The Russian-Ukrainian subcommittee met on Thursday to discuss inventory procedures for Black Sea fleet properties, the deputy minister said.

"The issue is simple - Russia is renting Ukrainian properties and territory. We propose that in order to resolve claims and suspicions, a precise inventory procedure should be carried out: All land plots and objects leased to the Black Sea fleet should be accounted for," he said.

Ukraine believes that Russia is illegally holding more than 150 hectares, a claim disputed by Russia.

"We want practical implementation and swift work, so that all issues can be resolved as fast as possible, but for this there needs to be willingness from the Russian side, and we are counting on this willingness," Ogryzko said.


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