43 political forces, which did not pass three percent barrier on the parliamentary elections, signed a memorandum on formation of a coalition of political forces of Ukraine.

“For today, 43 political forces have signed the memorandum. It is to be ratified on Thursday, May 4, and all political forces united into the coalition will be named,” said Serhiy Kryzhanivsky, a coordinator of the coalition of political forces.

“Parties, which did not win seats in the Parliament, are exactly the opposition,” underlined he. According to him, it will be impossible to bring the country out of the crisis without unity of forces, which did not pass the barrier. Kryzhanivsky also noted that the coalition would be recognized as “public body”.

“We propose a normal political dialogue…to form a roundtable to solve urgent for Ukraine issues,” stated Ludmila Suprun, leader of People’s Democratic Parties’ bloc. She underscored that the necessity of coalition formation could be explained by that “the majority of political forces had moved away from public activity.”

Kryzhanivsky assumed that Ludmila Suprun would head the future coalition. ”Personally I see Ludmila Suprum heading the coalition of political forces,” said he. Kryzhanivsky himself pretends to the post of Top human rights official of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.  


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