The government will revise the list of objects, presented for sale in 2006, as declared Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov.

“As for the re-privatization list, it will be certainly revises,” said the Premier in an interview to weekly “Delova stolitsa.”

According to him, the correction of the list is motivated by possible insufficiency of budget takings in the amount of 2.13 bln UAH from the sale of the objects, already registered in the list.

Yekhanurov noted that “big object, really interesting for investors,” would be included in the list. The Premier pointed out that the initiative of list’s correction should come from Economy Ministry first of all.

Estimating the activity of State Property Fund in the first quarter of 2006, Yekhanurov noted that the government did not have any complaints. The PM stated the Fund fulfilled the plan of budget takings. But, according to Yekhanurov, the Fund managed to do it as “the plan was paltry.”

Yekhanurov declared that in case of failure to fulfill the privatization plan this year, the Fund’s staff would be reduced.

“If you fulfill only 30% of the plan, then you will have only the third part of the present staff,” said Yekhanurov.


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