Ukraine’s fee into NATO budget after joining the Alliance will make five hryvnias (1$) for each Ukrainian annually, as declares Michael Dure, director of NATO center of documentation and information in Ukraine.

 “If Ukraine joined NATO tomorrow, it would cost five hryvnias annually for each Ukrainian to pay for NATO membership. That is the total sum of fee in NATO budgets,” said Dure.

“It is approximate calculations, of course, but this sum is computed by a formula, used for new NATO members. For example, Poland’s membership in NATO costs about one dollar for each citizen annually,” he added.

He noted that calculations are made as regards GDP. “Naturally, these numbers may be bigger or smaller,” Dure stated.

At the same time the director of NATO center of documentation and information in Ukraine pointed out that to join NATO is necessary to perform economic reforms, reforms in armed forces sector, and, of course, it demands great expenses.

«Заявление о дороговизне вступления в Альянс - это миф, а проводить реформы Украине придется в любом случае», - уверен представитель НАТО.

“Declarations about high cost of NATO membership are a myth and Ukraine will carry out reforms in any case,” NATO representative is convinced.


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