Subsoil waters may cause the caving-in of regional TB Prophylactic Centre, TB Centre Chief Medical Officer Yaroslav Nechyporchuk told.

The Centre was built on the bog. The construction had been finished in 1989 and four years later the subsoil waters began washing it away. The settlement of the problem turned on lack of funds. The Centre’s personnel resolved it by a simple pump: water was pumped away as needed. Then little pump helper had been broken and what was more the experts-water engineers advised not to give up self-initiative. After the pump having been ceased, the Centre’s basement was filled up with water.

Now, there is deep-waste water in the basement, Nechyporchuk states. The walls cover with fungus. The TB patients breathe wet air which is extremely undesirable for them.

If the problem is not resolved, the patients’ and personnel’s health and lives will be jeopardized.


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