In Tuesday’s evening PM Yekhanurov answered the journalists’ questions. In the course of the interview, Yuri Ivanovych reveals that on Thursday Cabinet’s broadened session with the President’s participation Economy Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk “will try to voice a macroeconomic prognosis for 2006” and Finance Minister Victor Pinzenyk will call one of the conditions from the coalition agreement – to revoke populist acts passed on the eve of the election.

“The wide range of acts passed in the first quarter of the year are not corroborated by the bankroll, they just cannot function. The newly elected Verkhovna Rada must abrogate them. The abrogation is due to be one of the conditions for the coalition formation (we submit it on behalf of the Cabinet). I consulted with the President – there is the Secretariat’s standpoint on the draft bills which should be submitted to the parliament,” said PM Yekhanurov.

“We have done the budget for the first quarter of 2006. Judging by results of working group’s activity in Donetsk, we decided to arrange upon tax discharge schedule with the big financial and industrial groups. I can guarantee that none tax inspector will cross their companies’ thresholds and VAT will be compensate in accordance with the same schedule if they adhere the schedule,” stressed Yuri Yekhanurov.

If the parliament fails to abrogate the acts, the coalition will not be formed, Yekhanurov told. “It means that no coalition will be formed. That is what it is. Our government will go on working. We will not let the budget be tore up,” declared PM of Ukraine Yekhanurov.


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