Natalia Vitrenko voiced her intention to file an appeal to the European Court against the decision passed by the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine on April, 25.

“It means that the under control system of power […] goes on executing political order […]. Undoubtedly, we won’t stop. There will be continuation after the comma,” declared Vitrenko commenting the court decision.

Another leader Yuri Karmazin, in turns, said he is ashamed for the judges. “It is the first time for the last year and a half when I am ashamed for Ukraine. It becomes possible when the power meddles with the legal system,” stressed Karmazin. His political force “accepts neither the court decision nor this court and this power.”

Inna Bohoslovska the leader of Veche Party called that the decision “is the end of the justice in Ukraine.” “We need new maydans and new revolutionaries,” said Bohoslovska.


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