New drugs against cancer and tuberculosis, and also new ways of treatment of varicose dilatation without surgery have been developed in Ukraine, reported representatives of the Charity Foundation of Inventors of Ukraine “Future of the Nation” at their presentation in the exhibition “Inventions and Innovations 2006”.

According to Dr. Yevhen Suslov, one of the founders of the Foundation, toxic effect forms the basis of all cancer drugs in the world. The new method developed by him and Candidate of Medical Sciences Tetiana Pidhayevska differs fundamentally from traditional ones as it doesn’t use chemotherapy or operation for getting rid of tumors. These new drugs don’t kill healthy cells and are not toxic. As a result of their use hair and teeth don’t fall, performance of internal organs is not violated like after chemotherapy. This method has been tested in Switzerland, EDDI reports.

The Health Ministry and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine are aware of it as well. But pharmacies don’t sell the drug yet, as it is not officially approved. Further research – and at least $100,000 are needed for this. And the Health Ministry has no resources.
Scientists can’t introduce the life saving drug into medical practice themselves either. That is why the Charity Foundation of Inventors of Ukraine “Future of the Nation” was established. Its activity is aimed at development, support and introduction of new products and methods in various fields. One of the most important projects of the Foundation is creation of an experimental laboratory for conducting clinical trials of innovative products of Ukrainian inventors. If this works out, people will be able to state in front of the whole world that Ukraine has developed the most effective drugs against the most deadly diseases.

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