The only difference between Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchies lays in their attitude toward the independence of Ukraine, Kyiv Patriarchy press secretary Father Yevstratiy told Thursday at ForUm’s online-conference.

“Both Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchies are the parts of the single Orthodox Church. We have similar dogma, public worship and traditions. The only thing that divides us is the attitude towards the independence of Ukraine,” stressed Father Yevstratiy.

“Kyiv Patriarchy backs the independence of our country while Moscow Patriarchy in Ukraine yields to stand for the regress of our country to Russia’s sphere of influence,” said Father Yevstratiy.

“Imagine that Ukraine would ask Russia’s permission for its independence – how long would we wait for it? Something like this happens in the church life of Ukraine: Kyiv Patriarchy has declared its independence and Moscow Patriarchy does not want to do it by political causes,” explained ForUm’s guest.

Regarding the causes, the ecclesiastic noted that “the recognition of Kyiv Patriarchy is a question of the big geopolitics” and it has nothing in common with the grace or religious canons which are used to cloud the real motive of the problem. “Having lost Ukrainian Church, Moscow Patriarchy would not be the greatest Orthodox Church in the world because more than the half of its parishes located in Ukraine,” opined father Yevstratiy.


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