Victor Yushchenko has met with Jack Dyer Crouch, Deputy National Security Advisor to U.S. President George Bush, President's pres office informed.

Mr. Crouch gave him a letter from Mr. Bush in which the latter said the United States would continue to support reforms in the independent and democratic Ukraine. The American President opined that by fairly conducting the March 26 elections Ukraine showed it was the leader among the countries that strive to build democracy.

“We looking forward to starting to work with Ukraine’s new government which will continue to introduce reforms, strengthen the country’s energy security, and advance towards the EU,” he wrote.

In his letter, Mr. Bush said he was convinced that it “will make the future of Ukrainians democratic and prosperous.”

Mr. Crouch also complimented the Ukrainian leader on conducting the elections fairly, claiming that the process was positively evaluated by the whole democratic community.

The sides agreed that the two countries should develop friendly relations, particularly in the field of energy. Victor Yushchenko also spoke about Ukraine’s parliamentary coalition and said it would be created soon.

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