Ukraine’s General Office of Public Prosecutor undertakes the necessary investigations concerning the “bugging” of the journalist Oleksandr Korchinsky during the illegal detecting operation conducted by the Security Service of Ukraine.

April 11, the special case investigator issued the resolution on compulsory delivery of ex-Head of SBU Oleksandr Turchinov and his ex-deputy Andriy Kozhemyakin as witnesses of this case, the Prosecutor’s press office informs.

Turchinov is in the hospital now and when he will be discharged from it he will have been invited to the examination in the court. Both of them, Kozhemyakin and Turchinov are just witnesses, the arrest and detention are out of question, the Prosecutor’s Office specifies.

If the law enforcement agencies arrest Turchinov, Yulia Timoshenko will wipe an investigatory isolation ward off the face of the earth. That was her personal response to this information.


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