Today BYuT leader Yulia Timoshenko alleges that PM Yekhanurov, ex-Secretary of NSDCU Petro Poroshenko and ex-leader of OU faction Mykola Martynenko want to prevent the coalition formation and delay this process.

She calls President Yushchenko to dismiss above-mentioned persons and to take this process under his control and responsibility.

“We will not let the persons associated with such politicians as Yekhanurov, Poroshenko and Martynenko destroy the creation of the democratic forces coalition. Neither illegal criminal cases nor arrests will force us to provoke a confrontation,” stressed Timoshenko at the press conference.

She also reminds that ByuT will insist on its right to nominate the candidate for the premiership and to form the Cabinet of Ukraine.

“We will stand firm for Oleksandr Moroz to take the chair of the VR Speaker,” mentioned Timoshenko adding the Party of Regions may aspire to the Counting Chamber’s Head.


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