Yuri Yekhanurov urges the participants of the coalition to find ways of compromise regarding every disputable issue within the process of coalition creation.

“If we fail to find a common language, we will outline the points for discussion, form a working group and arrange a settlement. But now the process is rather stalling,” Yekhanurov said to Expert Magazine out on Monday.

To his mind, BYuT’s ideology has been formulated yet. “Mykola Tomenko states that the re-privatization will be continued – to deprive and to distribute. Yulia Timoshenko said that she will not do it again. So, finally I’d like to know whether it will be or not. It is a matter of principle for me,” noted Yuri Yekhanurov.

Having analyzed the parties’ economic programs, Yekhanurov mentioned that OU “concurs with the Socialist Party by 40%. BYuT has no economic program at all. That is why it is necessary to realise that there is a possibility to reach an agreement.” The PR’s and OU’s economic programs concur at 75%, Yekhanurov concluded.


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