Yanukovich’s appointment a PM, Azarov’s appointment of a Vice-Premier with Economy Minister’s functions and Andriy Kluyev’s appointment a Vice-Premier on Fuel and Energy Complex – here is the condition of possible coalition between PR and OU, Taras Chornovil said in the interview to Novy Ponedelnik newspaper.

According to Chornovil, OU is in uneasy state now because Ukraine does not have such political culture as Germany’s ones which became an example of wide coalition formation.

Chornovil ensured the PR’s willingness “to comprehend the orange team’s standpoint and even to make a compromise but, surely, to a certain degree.” Touching upon the diversity of the views, Chornovil stated that the candidates for premiership (Yanukovich and Yekhanurov) would be “two polar benchmarks.” “But we cannot capitulate on this point because we have beaten OU with overwhelming majority (PR got twice and a half votes more than NSNU),” stressed Chornovil.

PR Political Council will choose what might be offered up to the coalition formation, Chornovil says mentioning that his party proposes the start conditions instead of BYuT’s start and finish ones at once.
“That makes a difference,” concluded Taras Chornovil.

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