Victor Yushchenko is presiding over a meeting of the National Culture and Spirituality Council. Its members are going to formulate a program that will enrich and develop Ukraine’s culture and spirituality, President's press office reported.

Opening the meeting, the Chief of State said the program should contain various projects and include specific measures to help professionals understand what must be done in the field of culture this year.

“We will definitely speak about what to do in the future but we must be particularly specific about this year and accentuate our priorities,” he said.

In his turn, NCSC Head Mykola Zhulynsky said it was important to carry out programs to develop the national language, preserve Ukraine’s cultural heritage, promote popular culture and modern art.

The biggest priority of all, he opined, is to make the Ukrainian language widely spoken in social life. The country faces many other challenges: reforming the mass media market, producing more cultural products, improving the investment and tax climate, supporting movie-makers and publishers, developing Ukraine’s art and culture infrastructure, forging closer ties with the Ukrainian diaspora, etc.

The Council also plans to ask Victor Yushchenko to sign a decree to establish a Shevchenko House Culture and Research Center and delegate local authorities throughout Ukraine to increase the number of exhibition facilities. 


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