Head of election campaign of Party of Regions Evgen Kushnaryov and head of juridical department of election bloc Our Ukraine Roman Zvarych consider that it would be expedient to form the so called "shadow" Cabinet of Ministers, as they declared in the air of 1+1 TV channel.

“It is necessary to introduce such mechanism as "shadow" Cabinet, which would have access to information, possessed by ministers. In this case the opposition will be given a possibility to control the power, which is opposition’s primary function,” said Zvarych. He added that the so-called shady government could work out and propose alternative solutions of problems.

In his turn, Kushnaryov said he backed Zvarych’s position as for formation of "shadow" Cabinet and added that representatives of this structure also should have a right to take part in sessions of Cabinet of Ministers as well as in meetings of other state institutes. Besides, according to Kushnaryov, opposition should have free access to Mass Medias to inform society about its alternative opinion on this or that issue.

At the same time Kushnaryov declared that opposition needs influential instruments in the parliament to carry out its opposition activity. “These are committees, of course. In classical democratic societies the opposition is given seats in Budget committee, committees on liberty of speech and information, on human rights, on control over law enforcement activity and regulations committee. And, of course, Counting chamber,” stated he.


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