Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was surprised by Mass Media reports, which said that President of European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso had declared the EU couldn’t propose Ukraine the EU membership.

According to MFA data, Barroso unambiguously stated that “Ukraine is a member of European family and has European future. The European Union is faithful to the idea of helping Ukraine and Ukrainian people.” Exactly these words are the key ones in his statement, and the Ukrainian party shares the assurance of the President of European Commission in Ukraine’s European future.

As for his statement that the European Union can not propose new prospective membership for other countries for the moment, as they need unanimity of all country-members, Ukraine treats it as demonstration of actual internal political situation in the EU, which does not exclude Ukraine’s EU membership in the future, in accordance with regulations documents of the Union.

MFA comment states that Ukraine is convinced that its success in realization of European reforms, as well as the EU’s progress in settlement of inner problems, will lead to political consensus over Ukraine’s membership in the European Union.


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