President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko said it would only be expedient to speak about potential PM nominees when coalition members found mechanisms to ensure their effective cooperation.He reiterated that they must first discuss controversial issues that might destabilize the coalition, the president press office informed.

The President said it was necessary to unite on the basis of his election program, Ten Steps for the People, which outlines priorities of Ukraine’s future development and then find compromises: “We must honestly say what we think about the WTO, EU, NATO, land privatization, re-privatization, social populism, and many other important things.” He also mentioned they should sign a political agreement to create a stable coalition.

Victor Yushchenko wanted Ukraine’s opposition to be effective.

“I will help create normal conditions for our opposition’s effective performance,” he said, adding that they should have necessary tools to control the government.

“I will repeat over and over again that opposition is an integral prerequisite for the improvement of government. The best way to control government is to have effective opposition,” he opined.

“We must discuss dozens of issues and put them on paper and then I will be able to say which of the nominees I support,” concluded President Yushchenko, adding that his choice will not be "emotional but pragmatic.”


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