Yulia Timoshenko is willing to renounce her presidential ambitions for the sake of looming premiership. Her ambitions are an open secret for both her friends and her enemies. At least the next presidential election will likely omit Timoshenko. Moreover, she pledges to back Victor Yushchenko on the election-2009. Admittedly, she stipulates that the orange coalition must be formed right now and the PM office must be given to her. All mentioned above, Timoshenko revealed in the interview to “TYGODNIK POWSZECHNY.”

She also mentioned that BYuT and SPU do not hesitate regarding coalition formation.

As a reminder, OU representatives stressed that a candidate on the PM office should promise not to claim to the President’s office if Victor Yushchenko ran for the second period of the presidency.
Here is the standpoint of two Ukrainian politicians on the problem.

Taras Chornovil, the member of parliament, the Party of Regions

Someone perfectly knows how to break declarations and memorandums. Even the President does it. So does Timoshenko changing her orientation dozen times. Everyone remembers, Timoshenko had vowed fidelity to Pavlo Lazarenko and then she betrayed him. Demonstrating her loyalty to the government, she sipped a cup of tea with Kuchma but then she turned to the opposition all the same. It is not a person to be relied on. Yushchenko comprehends he must insure himself with more serious guarantees than Timoshenko’s ones. I do not think she will keep her promises for five or even three years. Thereby, such promise will likely have no effect on coalition formation. The coalition may be a one-year project for Timoshenko to be a PM, to lead the economic to collapse and then to be sacked with political disgrace. According to this script, Timoshenko will be deprived the mandate and other privileges. She will have grounds to declare that she has been betrayed and will run for the presidency. Yushchenko makes some motions for protecting himself as well as Timoshenko does. It is a kind of game of nerves.

Everybody scares the pre-term parliamentary election and plays to the audience instead of rivals with each other.

I do not believe Yushchenko will back Timoshenko until 2009 in order to prevent her bid for the presidency. Finally, he starts acting as a pragmatic, his statements prove this. He has understood that his presidency may suddenly come to an end and his country may fall down into abyss. If Timoshenko gets the premiership now, it will be a game against Timoshenko and aimed at removal her from the political game. It will be the only reason for coalition formation and it will exist no longer than a year.

Kost Bondarenko, the Director of Kyiv Horshenin’s Management Solutions Institute

I remember one funny story about a difference between a diplomat and a woman: if the diplomat says “yes” he means “possibly,” if he says “possibly” it means “no.” If the woman responds “no” she intends to say “possibly.” If she says “yes” it means “may be” as well.

As for Victor Yushchenko, he perfectly understands that there is plenty of time before the next election. Yushchenko and Timoshenko are interdependent politicians now.


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