Today leaders of political parties, which won seat in the new Parliament, took part in a round table with the assistance of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

After the end of the meting BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko gave a brief interview to journalists.

Tymoshenko stated that the new Parliament should start working as soon as possible, having shared the power neatly. She also declared that new relations between the power and opposition should assist at uniting the society.  

Tymoshenko speaks in support of that Ukrainian officials do not combine state offices with business work.

“None of ministers or committees’ heads can combine his work with business,” said Tymoshenko.

Besides, according to Tymoshenko, parliamentarians should be provided with new system of voting, which would identify a deputy by his or her fingerprints. In such a way it would be possible to avoid situations, when one deputy voted for several MPs.

“I think Ukraine needs MPs to demonstrate high honesty and responsibility as regards their duties,” said BYuT leader.

Tymoshenko also informed that preliminary variant of coalition agreement would be ready on Thursday.


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