State Veterinary Department of Ukraine intends to lift ban on import of meat products from Belarus enterprises, checked by Ukrainian Veterinary Service.

“We intend to inspect Belarus enterprises, which deliver meat and meat foods to Ukraine; and those, which were inspected earlier, would be allowed to import in the near future,” said State veterinary inspector Ivan Bisyuk.

According to him, the main demand of the Ukrainian veterinary service to Belarus suppliers of meat and meat foods is that the products must be produced from local raw materials.

Bisyuk mentioned that Belarus meat products, delivered to Ukraine, were produced from foreign raw materials. Besides, it was established facts of products’ deliveries without documents, which confirmed their quality and safety, with improper marking, expired use-by date.

As for the acting ban on import of meat and meat foods from Poland, Bisyuk reported that a meeting between Ukrainian and Polish veterinary services was scheduled for April 13.


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