Today’s morning multinational unit of Blackseafor (Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group) has put out for training within the beginning of the second stage of its fifth activation.

Being bound for Batumi (Georgia) Bulgarian Navy trawler, Georgian Naval Forces storm-boat, Romanian Naval Forces frigate, Turkish Navy frigate, Russian storm-ship “Yamal” and Ukraine’s Navy ship “Slavutich” will exercise in tactic maneuvers, anti-mine defense, conducting surface watch, civil ships observation and other activities.

April 14-18, the multinational unit will stay in Batumi port. April 21-25, the ships will anchor in Novorossiysk (Russia), Ukraine’s Navy press office informs. Novorossiysk will be the final destination for the Blackseafor fifth activation. The sixth activation stage will be held in autumn of 2006.
As a reminder, six Black sea countries, that is Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia, signed the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (Blackseafor) agreement on April 3, envisaging cooperation in a joint naval force that will be available for humanitarian and environmental operations, at the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul, Turkish Dailuy News reported.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem and Navy Forces Commander Gen. Ilhami Erdil, Georgian Foreign Minister Irakli Menagarishvili, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Avdayev, Romanian Deputy Foreign Minister Mihnea Motoc, Ukranian Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri A. Sergeyev and Bulgarian Navy Forces Commander Petar Panchev attended the ceremony.

"The force will be deployed for various tasks, from search and rescue operations to environmental and humanitarian missions," Foreign Minister Ismail Cem said at the signing ceremony.

Now, the agreement should be approved by the relevant countries' parliaments.

The project was proposed by Turkey by former Navy Forces Commander Salim Dervisoglu in 1998. The countries signed the letter of intent in Ankara on June 28, 2000.


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