BYuT leader Yulia Timoshenko pledges to back the President of Ukraine Yushchenko on the presidential election-2009 on condition of the orange coalition formation.

“The stabilization of the situation is very important for me and I know that my claim on presidency would hinder from the orange coalition formation. That is why I informed the President about my readiness to back him on the election-2009 if we now create an indivisible team. I can make such statement in public and in written form,” stressed Timoshenko in the interview to Tygodnik Powczechny (Poland) newspaper.

She added that BYuT and SPU do not hesitate to form the coalition. “It is President Victor Yushchenko who evades the decision on cooperation. He considers two variants: to make a coalition with other ‘oranges’ or with Yanukovich’s Party of Regions,” emphasized Yulia Volodymyrivna.

In response to the question on her personal relations with Yushchenko, Timoshenko noted the personal relations between politicians play “a key role.”

“I am willing to forget insults,” concluded Yulia Timoshenko.


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