From June 2006 Ukrainian will become the official language in Serbia and Montenegro. Official Belgrade made such decision, having signed European charter about defense of regional languages and national minorities’ languages. The Ukrainian language first will get the status of the official one abroad.

Having approved of the charter, Serbia and Montenegro undertook to give a right to education and Mass Medias in native language to ten national minorities, including Ukrainians. Ukrainian will be able to use mother tongue in local government, local councils and during court hearings. Besides, passports will be issued also in Ukrainian.

Vasil Nebesny, chairman of Serbia and Montenegro National council of Ukrainians, considers that Ukrainian Diaspora in Serbia should use the European charter about regional languages in order to renew the use of the Ukrainian language. “For Ukrainians in Serbia it is necessary to get the chair of the Ukrainian language in Noviy Sad (name of the University – ed.) in order to get teachers and professors of the Ukrainian language for Diaspora in the future,” said he.


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