Our Ukraine bloc has prepared program principles of coalition activity in the Verkhovna Rada of the fifth convocation, which are ratified by the NSNU party council and Our Ukraine political council.

According to Ihor Zhdanov, first deputy chairman of central executive committee of Our Ukraine, presidential program “Ten steps towards people” forms the basis of the document.

The main theses of the program are continuation and completion of the political reform in Ukraine. “We consider it necessary to introduce system changes into the Constitution, having discussed them previously. Those constitutional changes, which were adopted in December 2004, leave much to be desire,” noted Zhdanov.

“We will propose abolition of imperative mandate of people’s deputies*, cancellation of functions of total inspection by Prosecutor’s Office, introduction of people’s veto by means of referendums, repeal of immunity of MPs, giving a right to President to dismiss Security Service chairman and Prosecutor General personally without parliament’s consent,” pointed out Zhdanov.

Besides, other key issues of the program are the development of local government and optimization of tax system. “We’d like to reduce VAT to 12% and to reduce income tax to 10%. Single social fee should be also introduced,” specified Zdanov.

Speaking about coalition’s plans concerning improvement of people’s well-being, Zhdanov reported it was necessary to introduce pension reform to make minimal pension equal to bare subsistence. “Special attention should be paid to gutter-children. One of our tasks is the development of orphanages of family type,” said he.

* Imperative mandate of people’s deputies forbids to change party membership under the threat of deprivation of deputy mandate, forbids to vote differently from a party's decision.


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