The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko signed a bill “On introduction of amendments to some laws of Ukraine to enhance the fight against tuberculosis”, that had been adopted by the Parliament on March 15, 2006, EEDI Office reported.
The law envisages amendments to the laws of Ukraine “On Militia”, and “On the fight against tuberculosis”. The latter in particular, states that patients with contagious forms of tuberculosis, including socially excluded people, with signs of chronic alcohol or drug abuse are to be hospitalized in anti-TB facilities and are obliged to undergo a course of treatment. In case of avoidance of compulsory hospitalization the indicated patients by court order will be detected and forcefully brought to TB facilities where they will be hospitalized for a term of up to three months in order to prevent TB transmission.
However, compulsory hospitalization will not be applied to patients suffering mental disorders, pregnant women, and women with children less than 3 years. Besides, if requested by the head of anti-TB facilities, the bodies of internal affairs are obliged to provide possible help in executing court decisions about compulsory hospitalization of patients with contagious forms of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is one of the opportunistic infections suffered by HIV+ individuals.
In 2006 Kyiv city administration allocated 1 million 839 thousand Hryvnias to its City Family, Children, and Youth Social Services Center for implementing the comprehensive program “Turbota” (Care) for 2006-2010. Components of the program include free consultation in connection with alcohol and drug abuse and HIV/AIDS, follow-up and social support to children, youth, and various categories of families, improvement of the quality of life of children from crisis-ridden families; social integration and rehabilitation of children and youth with disabilities and special needs.

The All-Ukrainian Organization of People with HIV/AIDS established the first of its kind center providing all round aid to HIV+ patients called “DIM” (Home) in Crimea. In the basement of one of Simferopol’s old apartment buildings, in several small rooms, the organizers help HIV+ people. The dwellers of the building where “DIM” is situated do not yet know about the activities of the Center. But organizers rely on their understanding.


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