In a Saturday radio address, Victor Yushchenko urged members of Ukraine’s future parliamentary majority to demonstrate their team spirit and compromise in arguments, the president press office informed.

“Participants of the coalition should put points that consolidate all political forces first and then try to find compromises in controversies,” he said, adding that the alliance “will have to unanimously approve both foreign and domestic policy bills.”

The Chief of State said the coalition should correspond to certain criteria. First, it must protect national interests and consolidate the country. Their program will include clear deadlines for all tasks and so Mr. Yushchenko insisted that the criteria of their implementation should be intelligible to the people.
The President also said the coalition members should strictly observe their agreements: “We must now agree on mechanisms to make decisions, resolve problems and settle conflicts.”

When speaking about opposition forces, Mr. Yushchenko opined that they can oppose the parliamentary majority but not the country: “I think opposition parties should be involved in formulating state policy.”

The Head of State said he would soon activate the performance of the Presidential Political Council, which he described as a “roundtable, an important place for disputes,” and also promised to more actively cooperate with regional elites.


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