According to the information provided by SHUVAR wholesale market, in the beginning of this week the supply of Polish vegetables has rapidly increased. Moreover, the Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) evaluates this week as the first week in the season, when there are more Polish than Ukrainian vegetables on the wholesale market, APK-Inform reported.

The demand for vegetables is rather stable in the region now; so the supply increase results in the significant wholesale price decease for major vegetables, as Sergey Havryshev says, AMP Market Information Specialist. The prices declined on $0.01-0.03/kg: potato price went down to $ 0.4/kg, cabbage $0.47/kg, onion down to $0.36/kg, carrot $0.45/kg, and red beets $0.35/kg. Carrot, potato and red beets prices decreased the most abruptly; this week the consumers can buy these products 9-15% cheaper.

The quantity of vegetable buyers is expected to increase soon on SHUVAR market, as the supply of relatively inexpensive Polish vegetables will undoubtedly attract wholesalers from the other regions.


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