The MFA of Ukraine welcomes the approval of the European Parliament’s resolution of 6th April on the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. The approval of this document was another confirmation of the positive attitude of the European parliamentarians toward Ukraine and its European prospects.

High assessment by the European Parliament of the parliamentary and local elections of 26th March 2006 in Ukraine, which were conducted in full compliance with international elections’ standards, is another prove of practical fulfillment by Ukraine a key political priority of Ukraine-EU Action Plan opening before our country opportunities for further improvement of Ukraine-EU relations.

In this context the appeal of the European parliamentarians to the European Commission to start negotiations on association agreement between the European Communities and Ukraine to replace the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement currently in force takes on special significance.

Ukraine believes that the EU Council, the European Commission and EU member states will take into account the position of EP deputies while considering elaboration of a new treaty framework for their relations with Ukraine.

Ukraine in its turn is decisively going to proceed with political and social-economic reforms, strengthening democracy, respect for human rights, civil society and rule of law what is a prove of practical approaching to the EU.


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