Ukraine will not refuse to form Common Economic Area (CEA) with Russia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan, but it is ready to sign only eleven from already prepared 38 agreements between the countries, as stated Secretary of Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Anatoly Kinakh on air at the 5 TV Channel, REGNUM reported.

The matter concerns documents, regarding establishing of free trade zone within the CEA with minimal tax, customs, and other barriers.

Further development of integration processes Ukrainian authorities connect with all CEA member states’ joining the World Trade Organization. “After all CEA member states have become WTO members, the next level of deeper integration is possible,” said Kinakh.

“Irrespectively of direction – West or East – we will provide conditions, which will meet equitable transparent competition and promote Ukrainian interests in European and world markets,” he added.

Agreement on Establishment of Common Economic Area was ratified by the Ukrainian parliament, but with a proviso - all taken steps must correspond with the country’s constitution. Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have already proclaimed their readiness to sign first package of 38 documents in the near future, which will found the CEA, irrespective of Ukraine’s position on the question.


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