The contrasting results of elections in Belarus and Ukraine have been debated by MEPs after Council and Commission statements on the issues. These consecutive debates gave the delegations of MEPs, who monitored the two countries voting processes, the occasion to report back to Parliament, the Euro Parliament informed. The leader of the European Parliament's team of observers at the general elections in Ukraine on 26 March, Marek Siwiec (PES, Poland) said that Ukraine passed the “democracy test” in spite of minor “imperfections.”

Speaking in German, Benita Ferrero-Waldner EU Commissioner for Foreign Relations told at the European Parliament session that the EU plans to ink a new agreement on intensification of the relations with Ukraine, The main point of the new agreement will be the WTO membership of Ukraine. It means that if Ukraine becomes a member of the WTO, it will be able to participate in the free trade area, Mrs. Ferrero-Waldner stressed. She also touched upon the steps to be taken forward to increase the EU-Ukraine relations: "They have to have a good coalition government. Whatever this government will be we want to work with them."

Hans Winkler, President of the European Council, speaking in German, reported about the democratic elections in Ukraine and the very good reactions from international observers.

Marek Maciej Siwiec speaking in Polish, on the elections results and the steps forward in to EU-Ukraine relations stressed that now Ukraine needs a strong coalition and strong government.

Šarūnas Birutis speaking in Latvian mentions that there are some negative points like nationalistic sentiment, corruption and influence coming from old Soviet times. Europe must reinforce the economic and cultural cooperation.

Speaking in German, Rebecca Harms, noted that the Commission have to be more ambitious with Ukraine. "Once Commissioner Verheugen said that even in 20 years time there will be still no place for the Ukraine in the EU. That can not be allowed to stand, people who have responsibilities can not say such things in public," said Mrs.Harms.

Today the European parliament is due to consider six draft resolutions on the election results of Ukraine.


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