Representatives of a number of political forces, which did not pass 3% barrier on the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, are convinced that Parliament’s deny to pass the resolution on ballot recounting is a treason of democracy.

In particular, leader of the party “Viche” Inna Bogoslovska declared that third part of Ukrainian voters is sure that their vote has been stolen.

“The VR’s decision is treason of democracy and treason of honest elections in Ukraine,” noted Bogoslovska.

She is convinced that following the ballot recounting it will be clear who is who in the Ukrainian politics. According to her, by this decision the VR demonstrated as much new elected deputies are afraid of recount.

Besides, representative of Pora-PRP Evheny Zolotaryov noted that today’s decision had testified the tendency to reduction of democratic processes in Ukraine. He expressed regret that the President had not support the ballot recounting. According to Zolotaryov belief, connection of a number of political forces with falsifications has been confirmed.

In her turn, leader of NDP bloc Ludmila Suprun noted that she was content with such decision, as it pointed out the parties, which are afraid of recounting. “Negative result is also a result,” said she. She is convinced that new VR will have a black spot on its reputation due to this decision.

Representative of Lytvyn’s bloc MP Oleh Zarubinsky, people’s deputy Yuri Karmazin and chairman of All-Ukrainian party “New force” Yuri Zbitnev came out with corresponding statements.


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