MP Heorhiy Kryuchkov, member of Communistic faction and co-chairman of VR temporal investigative commission on observance of laws during parliamentary elections in Ukraine, represented the report of the commission to parliamentarians.

According to Kryuchkov, there were mass violations during parliamentary elections and “criminals”, involved in the falsifications, acted in favor of certain political parties.

Besides, he informed that during election campaign in Kyiv 50 thousand of voters were handed certificates of civil assistant of Leonid Chernovetsky bloc.

This certificate guarantees its owner “personal reception at deputy Chernovetsky, free juridical consultation and receiving of financial help.” According to Kryuchkov, “the very fact of such bribery of voters should have become the ground for removal of the candidate from the registration.”

In response to parliamentarians’ questions Kryuchkov noted that international observers had jumped to a conclusion that elections in Ukraine had been held honestly, transparently and democratically.

Kryuchkov also informed that his activity on the post of a deputy terminated and thanked the deputies and Speaker Lytvyn for cooperation in the Parliament.



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