The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft resolution on ballot recounting, submitted by Communistic faction of the parliament. The draft resolution proposes directly Central Election Committee to conduct ballot recounting, as declared Vice-Speaker Adam Martinyuk.

He expressed an assurance that deputies would support the resolution on tomorrow’s VR session. According to Martinyuk, it is needed for avoiding any doubts as for elections results after the ballot recounting.

“I think it will be justly,” said Martinyuk, having added that recounting of ballots is CEC’s duty.

The Vice-Speaker considers the recounting process will not protract for years.

According to him, nothing awful will happen, if the process of recounting protracts, as the Verkhovna Rada keeps working. Martinyuk reminded that the present composition of the Parliament would resign after the first session of the new parliament had opened.

“Nobody knows when it will happen. May be on May 16, may be on June 16, or may be in a year. It depends on tomorrow’s decision,” said Martinyuk.


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