In a radio address to the nation, Victor Yushchenko has outlined three major steps to form a parliamentary coalition.

The President believes democratic forces should first sign a coalition memorandum, President's press office reported.

“I want all forces that defended democracy in Kyiv’s Maidan to form a coalition,” he said. “I hope political forces that will form this future alliance will be wise enough not to associate themselves with certain colors but work towards consolidating the country.”

Then the Head of State said these parties should sign a coalition agreement with a clear-cut action plan, deadlines and guarantees.

“We should have the wisdom and courage to unite in order to carry out specific programs but not gather to share posts,” he opined.

Yushchenko reiterated that posts could not be discussed until after the first two steps were completed.

“When we agree on the path, we will be able to discuss who is professional enough to fit this or that post,” he said.

The President urged the political forces willing to form the coalition to focus on principles and development of the country. He also asked all to sign a stability pact to confirm their intentions.

“This is the only way to consolidate society, harmonize the development of all regions of Ukraine, ensure economic growth and consider opinions of all political forces in the country,” he said.


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