According to data from an exit poll, carried out on March 26 by “Democratic Initiatives” Fund, Kyiv international institute of sociology and Oleksandr Rasumkov’s Center of economic and political researches, the majority of voters for Party of Regions are people over 60 (36% of all electorate of PR).

Andrey Bychenko, head of Oleksandr Rasumkov’s Center of economic and political researches, also noted that Socialist party, Communistic party, bloc of Natalia Vitrenko and Ukrainian bloc of Kostenko and Plushch were supported by voters over 60 as well.

Among the supporters of Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko are people at the age from 40 to 49. Our Ukraine bloc attracts people at the age from 30 to 39, informed Bychenko, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

 “Viche” party, opposition bloc “Ne TAK!” and Pora-PRP enjoy the support of the youth (from 18 to 29 years old).

Besides, the results of the exit poll allow to say that Party of Regions enjoys less support of people with high education (27.5%), but inspires love of people with secondary special education (35%).

The majority of supporters of BYuT’s ideology have high education (25.2%), and of Our Ukraine bloc - incomplete secondary education (15.8%)


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