Ukraine’s PM Yuri Yekhanurov believes new prime-minister of Ukraine to appear when newly Verkhovna Rada will launch functioning. He made the statement at a press conference in Kiev, Regnum informed.

“Real talks on establishing of some coalition and commission of prime-minister may be held by autumn. I am very satisfied with my meetings with three leaders of political forces, won during the elections – Yanukovich, Timoshenko, and Moroz. All of them think about Ukraine, but they have different views concerning economic policy. Time is needed, to let political slogans ‘go away’. I believe, it will happen by autumn; we will forget the slogans, which were sharp at this time,” believes Yekhanurov.

Also, the leader of Our Ukraine Bloc disapproved of wish of some political forces to establish coalition and to choose candidature of future premier as soon as possible. “I disapprove of slogans of some political forces to choose prime-minister. It does not fully correspond with political realities. Time is needed, to calm down passions. People are still exited, hot, because of elections. I believe they become quiet till autumn,” stated Yekhanurov.


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