Speaking about yesterday’s press conference of Yulia Tymoshenko, head of election campaign of Party of Regions Evhen Kushnaryov expressed an opinion that any election campaign aggravates estimations and makes rhetoric of political leaders militant. Ukrainian practice is not an exception, according to Kushnaryov.

Pointing out that many politicians are calming down and show ability to compromise for the sake of Ukraine, Kushnaryov underlined that Tymoshenko in this situation looks like “anomaly.”

“I have a feeling that she sees and listens to herself only. Such univariate perception of the situation puzzles me, as I considered her a clever woman. But she behaves like a true Bolshevik, who considers that there are only two opinions – her (absolutely right) and wrong,” stressed Kushnaryov.

Speaking about Tymoshenko’s statement about Premier’s post, Kushnaryov declared: “In my opinion, she convinces herself that she is the best Premier in the past and the only – in future. She should have read recent reports of foreign informational agencies. Famous world leaders and investors express their

“Her statements sometimes shock, but sometimes evoke a smile. For example, her declaration, when she said “Ukrainian people had determined who must be a Premier, and not to settle accounts with it is a political crazy attempt.” Who gave her a right to represent the opinion of one fifth part of voters as a decision of the Ukrainian people? Doesn’t she know that Party of Regions has taken the lead over her bloc by 10%? And her personal estimations about potential rivals? The only person, whom she takes into account, is the President. But her statements on support of the President are full of insincerity, and political actions of the BYuT’s leader differ from her words,” declared Kushnaryov.

Responding to assumption on BYuT-PR coalition, Kushnaryov stressed: “Of course, the Party of Regions and Victor Yanukovich personally are the main foes of Tymoshenko. But in my opinion, if we propose Yulia Vladimirovna to form a coalition and pledge her everlasting premiership, we will be Tymoshenko’s best friends. Thereby, the key point of her yesterday’s press conference may sound like this: yesterday’s great thing looks funny today.


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