BYuT’s leader Yulia Tymoshenko declares that in case of her appointment on the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, she will initiate the revision of the state budget-2006.

According to Tymoshenko, in the office of Ukraine’s PM she will start to fulfill the program of Cabinet, which will be formed of “honest officials” only. Tymoshenko states that if she heads the Cabinet, she will not admit unprofessional people to the Cabinet.

Among the first steps in the office of Ukraine’s PM Tymoshenko named also the revision of the law about immunity of a deputy, issue of energy security of the country, issue of sowing, which is to be considered urgently.

As for appointment of new governors, Tymoshenko said this issue will be considered with the partners of a coalition, which must consist of BYuT, Our Ukraine bloc and Socialist party.


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