A number of political parties and blocs – bloc of People’s Democratic Party, Lytvyn’s bloc, “Viche Party”, Pora-PRP declare the necessity to recalculate votes in all polling districts of Ukraine. Leaders of parties and election campaigns declared it on today’s press conference, ForUm’s correspondent informs.

Leader of “Viche” party Inna Bogoslovska promised that beginning from today and till the end of recalculation, they will conduct everyday press conferences, on which the society will be informed about this process.

Bogoslovska provided an example, that they have four different protocols with four different figures from the same district; there are also a lot of facts, when bags with bulletins were found in dustbins.

Leader of bloc of People’s Democratic Party Lyudmila Suprun declares that Ukrainians voted honestly, “but after polling stations had closed the same situation happened as during presidential elections-2004.” Suprun called CEC to help to establish truth and to conduct open recalculation in court. “Calculations like two and two makes eight are wrong,” said Suprun.

Head of election campaign of Lytvyn’s bloc Ihor Yeremeev cited an example, when in one of Kyiv polling stations were found 110 out of 110 protocols with rude violations, and in one of Chernovtsy polling stations 100% of votes were given to one political force.

Leader of Pora-PRP Vladislav Kas’kiv noted that today’s press conference “is not a parade of offended parties. We talk about that political reputation of Ukraine has been put in doubts.”


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