Discussing the election with President of Ukraine, SPU leader Oleksandr Moroz announced two possible variants of Coalition Memorandum.

Judging by today’s meeting, there are no conclusions concerning the collation. According to Moroz, the parties hold talks on coalition but it is hard to speak on this subject before the final results.

He also stressed that the matter concerns “the coalition of people having the majority of votes.” The work is to continue tomorrow, and the agreement will be reached within few days, Moroz notes.

According to Moroz’s first possible variant of the memorandum, the right to nominate for the premiership will have a political force-coalition member which will gain the majority of votes. The rest of the ministers’ portfolios will be shared between the members of coalition in accordance with the number of votes they will gain.

Moroz’s second variant lays in distribution of the key offices by consensus of the coalition members.


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