On Sunday Victor Yushchenko and his family visited the Trade Union Building in Kyiv to vote for a new parliament, the press office reported.

The President said March 26 “is really important, for it has been the first fair and transparent election in our independent history.”

“I want to say that the government spared no effort to make it truly fair and democratic,” he said. “Everything was done on the new basis, and it shows that our government really wants to see this election free. I think we succeeded in making it fair.”

Then Yushchenko said Ukraine must consolidate.

“It is sad that ungifted politicians have been broaching subjects that make our confrontation stronger for many years,” he said.

The Chief of State added that the vote would not affect Ukraine’s foreign policy.

“I am convinced our democracy will pass all stages to make Ukraine consolidate and integrate with Europe,” he opined.

Then the President said his mood was perfect “as it always happens when you anticipate a victory.”
“For I am convinced any democratic election is a victory. If we want to see the foundation of our democracy stable, it can only be done through fair elections,” he said.

Kateryna Yushchenko, who had never voted in Ukraine before, said: “I am very happy and very touched. I feel my great responsibility.”


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