BYuT’s leader Yulia Timoshenko declares that BYuT, Our Ukraine bloc and Socialistic Party of Ukraine almost came to an agreementaboutparliamentarycoalition.
Timoshenko noted that for the moment BYuT is ready to sign this agreement. According to her information, SPU is ready to ink as well, but Our Ukraine bloc is conducting a political council and discussing this issue.
The Yulia Tymoshenko's bloc, the Our Ukraine bloc, and the Socialist Party of Ukraine are capable of forming the so-called "orange coalition" in the next parliament, according to the preliminary returns of three exit-polls: the national exit-poll, the Ukraine Public Opinion Foundation's exit-poll (FOM-Ukraine), and the all-Ukrainian Sociological Service's exit-poll, Interfax Ukraine reports.

If the election returns coincide with the national exit-poll, the Regions Party will gain 183 seats, the BYT - 125, the Our Ukraine - 74, the SPU - 30, the CPU - 19, the Vitrenko's bloc - 19. The "orange coalition" will have 229 seats with required 226 seat to form the majority coalition.

If the election returns coincide with the exit-poll by the FOM-Ukraine, the Regions Party will gain 172 seats, the BYT - 126, the Our Ukraine - 93, the SPU - 38, the CPU - 21. The "orange coalition" will have 257 seats.

And if the election returns coincide with the exit-poll by the all-Ukrainian Sociological Service, the Regions Party will gain 149 seats, the BYT - 117, the Our Ukraine - 84, the SPU - 30, People's bloc of Lytvyn - 28, the CPU - 25, the Vitrenko's bloc - 17. The "orange coalition" will have 231 seats.


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