German expert Alexander Rar declares that election campaign in Ukraine was hard, but civilized. “The campaign went off hard, but from the point of civilized struggle for power,” said he.

He expressed an assurance that there will be no censures from the West as for transparency and honesty of the elections in Ukraine. He also expressed hope that there will no manipulations with poll and the election results will be recognized by international community.

Rar pointed out a number of problems, which must be solved immediately after elections. Among the top-priority is consolidation of the country to minimize problems between Western and Eastern regions. Besides, Ukraine faces bridging with Russia, relations with which were spoiled due to the gas war, UNIAN reported.

The German expert considers that Ukraine should not carry “so idealized policy as regards the west; it should not hurry to join the EU, but to create a political platform, which will lead Ukraine to Europe step by step.”


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