According to exit-poll results, carried out by “Democratic Initiatives” Fund, Kyiv international institute of sociology and Oleksandr Rasumkov’s Center of economic and political researches, Party of Regions is the leader of the run and gained the majority of votes. Six parties and blocs have won seats in the Parliament:

Party of Regions(32%)
Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko(23,4%)
Our Ukraine Bloc(14,5%)
Socialistic Party of Ukraine(5,7%)
Communistic Party of Ukraine(3,5%)
Bloc of Natalia Vitrenko “People’s Opposition”(3,1%)
Lytvyn’s Bloc(2,7%)
“Viche” Party (2,2%)
Ukrainian national bloc of Kostenko and Plushch(1,7%)
Bloc “Pora-PRP”(1,4%)
Opposition bloc “Ne TAK!”(1,3%)
According to exit-poll results, carried out by “FOM-Ukraine”, five parties and blocs have overpassed 3% barrier and won seats in the Parliament
Party of Regions(31,4%)
Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko(22,7%)
Our Ukraine Bloc(17%)
Socialistic Party of Ukraine(6,9%)
Communistic Party of Ukraine(3,9%)
Bloc of Natalia Vitrenko “People’s Opposition” (2,9%)
Lytvyn’s Bloc(2,5%)
According to exit-poll results, carried out by All-Ukrainian sociological service seven parties and blocs have overcome 3% barrier and won parliamentary seats.
Party of Regions(27,5%)
Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko(21,6%)
Our Ukraine Bloc(15,6%)
Socialistic Party of Ukraine(5,5%)
Lytvyn’s Bloc(5,1%)
Communistic Party of Ukraine(4,7%)
Bloc of Natalia Vitrenko “People’s Opposition”(3,2%)
Opposition bloc “Ne TAK!”(2,8%)
Bloc “Pora-PRP”(2,7%)
“Viche” Party(1,9%)

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