Dear fellow Ukrainians!

On March 26, we will elect parliamentarians, deputies of local councils and  mayors. We will together confirm our commitment to ideals of freedom and democracy. This day will determine Ukraine’s future. The configuration of forces in the Verkhovna Rada depends on your choice.

This year’s election campaign convincingly proves that changes in Ukraine are irreversible.

It is my obligation to conduct this election in accordance with democratic standards. My team has succeeded in ensuring greater transparency of the entire process. All political forces enjoyed equal rights but unfortunately we did not witness any competition of programs and ideas.

I am convinced that political forces willing to determine the country’s future should offer their voters perspectives and demonstrate civilized competition.

Ukrainian and international observers claim that Ukraine’s officials no longer abuse authority. Frankly speaking, there are some local problems but such officials are mercilessly prosecuted by law enforcement agencies. 

For the first time in our history, the majority of Ukraine’s population believes that the vote will be fair and objective. As President of Ukraine, I would like to thank you all for this positive evaluation of our efforts. 

Dear Ukrainians! We support different political parties but that must not divide us. We all love our motherland. We all strive to improve our life. We all respect our history and our ancestors. United, we will make Ukraine prosper.

As President, I want to see Ukraine become a powerful, independent, and modern country where citizens can develop free and enjoy fair justice and freedom of speech.

The choice we all face today is quite simple, for we choose between the past and the future. I am sad to hear those who rigged the 2004 election and pressured voters shout about their revenge. However, I believe our people are wise. I believe on March 26 we will all vote for the future.

When you come to the polls, think what Ukraine you want to see in five years. Shall we advance or stand still wasting our time and losing chances?

I am convinced the country can dynamically develop when its president, parliament and cabinet see the future identically. I want to cooperate with politicians that care about Ukraine.

Dear friends! On March 26 you will decide whether the president will be able to form a team that will jointly defend national interests.

The next parliament will not only have new people but also more powers. It will form a coalition that will form a government together with the president.

I am sure the nation will make a responsible choice. Only democratic forces that defend our country’s independence and promote the general welfare of its people should come to parliament.

I am convinced this future alliance must be based on strategic objectives but not selfish ambitions. We must have the same vision to address Ukraine’s most pressing issues. We face formidable challenges ahead: making government efficient and responsible, ensuring justice, rooting out corruption, improving medicine and education.

Our coalition must protect the country’s integrity, rule of law, equality and high living standards.

I believe our next parliament will be responsible and government efficient. I assure you all that government institutions will function in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine.

Dear compatriots! Local elections are also very important. You should remember that local councils and mayors have to meet needs of their community. 

We want to give wider powers to regions and provide all communities with resources. When regions are powerful they can resolve problems of local communities, so please do not neglect your right to vote. Look at your candidates and try to stop those seeking legislative immunity.

I object to immunity and hope Ukraine’s constitutional court will make all citizens equal after the election. 

Dear friends! It is not only my business to defend democracy. This is your obligation as well. So please come to the polls and vote. This election requires diligence and skill to distinguish between false slogans and genuine programs. This will be the first time we vote for party lists. Each of you will get a few sheets. You will need some time to study them. Please be patient. Do not give your vote away. 

I want to ask members of local election commissions to ensure that all citizens vote comfortably and without problems. Your mission is difficult but noble so help the people vote and then professionally and impartially register and count all votes.

As guarantor of the Constitution, I promise to preserve law and order. You will make your choice safely. 

I also want to remind local officials that they are in charge of properly conducting this election.

Dear Ukrainians! Ukraine needs your position. Vote for Ukraine! Vote wisely and listen to your heart, mind, and convictions. This is our right. This is our freedom. This is our responsibility for the future of the country. Glory to Ukraine!


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