A Ukrainian election official Thursday dismissed allegations that the pro-presidential party had an electronic connection to the country's election commission server in the run-up to this weekend's parliamentary elections.

Yaroslav Davydovich said the allegations voiced by Oleksandr Turchinov of former prime minister Yuliya Timoshenko's bloc were politically motivated and did not correspond to reality.

"The server of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission is well protected, and any interference in its operation through an additional fiber optic cable is impossible," Davydovich said, “RIA Novosty” reported.

Earlier, Turchinov, a member of the campaign staff and former head of the Ukrainian Security Service, said that the Central Election Commission's server was linked to the staff headquarters of the pro-presidential Our Ukraine Party by a fiber optic cable.

"If anybody had found anything like this, there would have already been people wearing handcuffs here, and therefore Turchinov's allegation is purely political," Davydovich said.

Davydovich said falsification of the results of the upcoming parliamentary elections on March 26 was impossible.

"After the recent presidential elections in Ukraine, numerous amendments were made to legislation," he said. "Updated voting lists revealed about 400,000 duplicates."

He also said ballot papers could no longer be changed, as they would be transported from the regions in special packs protected against changes in the temperature, which were impossible to forge.


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