Vyacheslav Kyrylenko Vice PM of Ukraine underlines that bilingual system in Ukraine has no prospects.

Speaking about the status of the second state language for the Russian language on the press conference in Ivano-Frankovsk he stated that “it is unpromising issue. State language of Ukraine is and will be Ukrainian. All other issues of defense of national minority’s languages are regulated by the Ukrainian Constitution.”

According to Kyrylenko, “it isn’t worth to provoke referendums on separate territories, which are under jurisdiction of the independent state Ukraine, as it undermines the basis of national security of Ukraine.” According to his opinion, the state must react in accordance with the legislation in force.

“State organization of the Ukrainian language is a principle question for us. State organization of the Ukrainian language is a term of further humanitarian development of Ukrainian nation. The Constitution was adopted in 1996 and nobody would change it,” noted Kyrylenko.


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