After the parliamentary elections Central Election Commission will examine financing sources of those political blocs and parties, which took part in the elections, as declared CEC Chairman Yaroslav Davidovich.

“After the elections we will analyze in detail the financing of election funds,” said Davidovich and added that “vast sums of money are spent on elections’ organization, but sources of financing are unknown.”

Commenting on the law about return of means in the amount of 30 mln UAH, spent on political agitation, to those bloc and parties, which will win seats in the Parliament, Davidovich named two aspects. On one hand he “grudges these means,” which must be allocated from the state budget, but on the other hand, “the state has a right to control expenditure of allocated means.”

According to article 98, item 1 of the Law “On parliamentary elections in Ukraine”, “parties and blocs, which gained three and more percents of votes during parliamentary election, have a right to compensation of means spent on pre-election agitation at government expense in the amount of real charges, but not exceeding hundred thousand of minimum wages for each party.”


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