In a radio address to the nation, Victor Yushchenko asked the Central Election Commission to actively inform voters of electoral procedures. He also urged Ukraine’s central and regional media to expound all intricacies of this year’s campaign.

The President said our political forces had failed to convene local election commissions and asked them to immediately resolve the problem.

“Respect your voters and the law! Be responsible for the March 26 election!” he said.

The Head of State also asked governors and local officials to remember that “government’s priority number one is fair elections.” He suggested that they should personally visit their polls to ensure that they are fully equipped.

“Try to make this day comfortable for the people coming to the polls,” he said.

Yushchenko then asked local authorities to provide members of their election commissions, who will work at the polls for about thirty-two hours, with meals, transport and telephones.

The President said the government had given all oblasts enough money to organize the process properly and promised to sign a legislation on changes to electoral laws, which should help convene all commissions, raise salaries to members of these commissions and also allows them to vote at their polls.

Yushchenko reiterated that registers of voters contained many mistakes.

“Local self government officials, elected under the previous regime, are responsible for making registers. I am surprised to hear some political forces complain about faulty registers in regions controlled by the opposition,” Yushchenko said but added that those who deliberately mistranslates or misspells names would be punished.


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